About Us

Inception created in 1992, though inaugurated in 2004. It happens to learn. We bring products from the hands of weavers. We look & learn. We bet & promise what sourced for you is the best & competitive price. We design & create. We control & assure. We bring the perfect. We logistic. That’s our philosophy.
The more we see of the world, we listen, and collect to the perfection, the more we can make something that is special, competitive & unique.
Every day, to be innovative, genuine & simply the great.
With us, you can only go ahead


• We work as a bridge and assist in reducing the gap between the manufacturer and Buyer & making buying process hassle free.
• We work with manufacturers who have good infrastructure with all modern amenities in house thus offering Competitive price, & timely delivery.
• We source the right supplier for the development of a particular program and assist in interpreting/developing the correct sample and organize timely dispatch of the same for Buyer’s reference.
• We believe in quality assurance rather than quality control and maintain excellence in Customers' Service and our thorough commitments of offering quality products has been the foundation of our success.
• We work as an extension of our valuable Customers and offer value added services at no extra cost, which has been highly appreciated.
• We give our Customers a promise of Quality, Integrity & Confidentiality in terms of client's specific requirements/information. This ensures long term trust of our Customers.
• Ensuring / Helping the customers with our existing principals to reduce their buying costs by 15 to 30%, compare to their direct purchase.

Our Strenghts

• Team of highly qualified and talented designers in affiliate factories.
• Pattern making and sample development facilities.
• Fully computerized system of purchase and follow up of materials, Order and Production Follow up, Production Audits analyzed to ensure Accuracy
• Real Time tracking of all imports and exports Cargo.
• Complete Application of AQL 2.5 Systems at different Inspection levels.

Our Value

• Team
• Innovation
• Execution
• Quality assurance
• Commitment
• Integrity
• Passion
• Logistics

OfficesProduction Control Offices

To ensure product development / production process / Quality control / Quality Assurance & shipment handling/Logistic, TEXSOURCE has its own staffs /offices in each part of major production area as below,

Karur - karur-team@texsource.co.in
Panipat -panipat-team@texsource.co.in
Bhadohi – bhadohi-team@texsource.co.in
Jaipur – Jaipur-team@texsource.co.in
Morodabad – qa-team@texsource.co.in

ResponsibilitySocial Responsibility

We adhere strictly to the environmental and social norms (in accordance to it, you will never find a child labor at any of our facilities and all the people are compensated over and above the statutory minimum wages).

All the products such as home furnishings, Rugs & Carpets, home textiles, furniture, home decor, glassware and whole range of gift items and accessories, exported are produced by the good manufacturing practices according to International standard quality norms.

ProcessFactory Selection Process

Researching potential suppliers On-site visits to plants to inspect facilities and evaluate, operations / personnel / management / factory compliance accordance with ISO / BSCI etc.,

• Vendor Survey.
• Core Competency.
• Facilities.
• Equipment.
• Personnel.
• Quality System.

A formal report of the survey is submitted to the head office/Customer along with the Quality survey, approval and certification Competitive bidding between factories. Selection of five or more qualified Indian manufacturers to provide quotes, pricing review and analysis.


• Cost effective, ensuring Strong network of manufacturers and vendors.
• Designing & innovative offers via samples/ideas & latest trend fairs.
• Sourcing of products from reliable manufacturers at competitive prices.
• Regular Supervision of products right from the production to the shipment stage.
• Regular production updates, Timely deliveries and Order follow up.
• Quality assurance & inspection of the Goods in different stage.
• Compliance & code of conduct.
• Prompt time Customer Care.
• Offering specific tailor made solutions, we cater the needs of various customers of all profiles, both Indian and abroad.

“Prevention is Better then cure”. With a team of committed professionals, the company not just identifies the appropriate products required by the clients, but also sources the products directly from reliable manufacturers and vendors thereby eliminating the possibility of middlemen and ensuring that the customers get their true value for money.

At TEXSOURCE, we have built our success on the foundation of:

• Integrity
• Transparency
• Trust
• Direct communication and
• Long term relationship

our products category

Area Rugs Carpets

Furniture's/Modern & Antique

Bath Rugs & Mats

Hard Goods

Living & Kitchen Textiles


Quality Assurance

“Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives”.

Please browse through below reports to find how we are conducting Quality Control and ensuring Quality assurance of the products.
• FAR – Factory audit report
• Pre-production planning
• Initial / Middle inspection Report
• Final Random Inspection Report
• Shipment ‘OK’ to ship Certificate.

Factory audit report
Pre-production planning
Initial / Middle inspection Report
Final Random Inspection Report

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By frequently attending fashion fairs / trade fairs either International or domestic, understanding the colors/design concepts and assisting to customers needs.

Creating tomorrow’s collection is meeting the client’s needs.

By studying world famous catalogues, and theming the colors/concepts according to the countries design trend.

Working with design consultants like WEAVE FLOOR / DESIGNER WORLD / HOME & DREAM.

We believe in 'listening' to our clients and interpreting their design language using our design and communication skills.

Order Status Reporting

Status report based on the multi-state inspections such as Online / Middle Line & final random inspection reports are transmitted to the buyers by fax or e-mail.
Production progress is analyzed in relation to the delivery terms and suitable course of action s taken to ensure goods are delivered in time. The consignment is allowed for shipment if only it is up to the buyers required standard.

At TEXSOURCE, we have built our success on the foundation of:

Pre-production planning
Online InspectionOnline Inspection
Middle Inspection
Final Random Inspection
Documentation and shipping Co-ordination
Laboratory Testing

Vendor/Factories Base

With experience and exposure in this industry, we have been able to knit the web of a large vendor base all around the country. Today, we have over 300 vendors/factories that are spread in various parts of India including;

Moradabad, Jodhpur, Saharanpur, Agra, Firozabad, Panipat, Bhadohi, New Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Surat, Ludhiana, Kolkata, Jaipur and adjoining areas, Karur, Cannannur, Alleppey, Srinagar, Varanasi, Solapur and more. With such a wide network, procuring & dispatching of all products has never been a hassle for us. We are constantly adding vendors to enrich our vendor list and source better for our clients.

Primary Functioning
Given below is the business routine that we strictly adhere by:
• Identifying products
• Sourcing your ideas
• Design and development
• Merchandising and coordination
• Quality control
• Consolidation
• Shipping & logistics.

Through this procedure, we ensure that all our sourced products are in accordance with the client's requirement & serve their purpose with great amount of precision.

Buyer's Assistance

We work as the customer’s extended arm in India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka and from any other Asian Countries. We accompany our buyers on their buying visits, factory visits and inspection visits. We pleasurely help them with and arrange their itinerary and accommodation on their visits. We also orient the buyers on the dos and don'ts of the business practice in the country, its culture, customs and tradition to make their visit fruitful and enjoyable.

All this at a cost, which is actually a saving for our buyers!

Yes, we proud to reduce the cost of buying, cost of managing quality and cost of assuring deliveries.

And, our customers get to know new developments, new products and new supply base from this part of the world.

Contact Us

+91 11 2794 3301 / 4759 7596
+91 11 2794 3302
1st Floor, No.60-61, Pocket A/2, Sector – 8, Rohini, New Delhi – 110085 INDIA